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Added facility

We have added the ability for the web site to display Two Winner results, so now you can show your club results by NS winners and EW winners. This functionality has also been added to the main ECats Sims Scoring system so all future events will be able to display this in the Club Rankings.
This is where you can have your own club pages on ECats Bridge and enjoy real bridge in a virtual world
Where for a modest fee the results from your club have their own place on our site each week (each day if you want ...).
Where your players can view their own results, complete with analysis via their personal score card, as soon as you upload them.
And your own set of pages with information about your club together with your results held for at least a year on one of the most visited bridge sites in the world!
No more waiting until next week to see how they did. A full analysis so that the really keen players can check and discuss in detail what they did.
Where you can participate in our Club forums as part of the ECats Bridge Club community. You will also have a private forum for your own club members to use.


To find out more, including how to join the ECats Bridge Club, please go to our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) page



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